Points of Light Annual Giving Club


Points of Light Champions

 Leadership gift of $5,000 or more for organization sustainability and growth 

        Mrs. Donald Danforth Jr. 

        William H. Danforth, MD

        Sargent Construction Family 

Points of Light Members 

Annual gift of $500 or more to support all programs of BIA-MO. 

   Mrs. Melvin Bahle

    Julia Barnes

Laura and Charles Barnes

Susan and Mark Bronson

Maureen and Dave Cunningham

Molly and Chris Danforth

Adele Dilschneider

Lizzie and Chris Dorr 

Evelyn and Clayton Fenter

Audrey and Jay Feuerbacher

Mary and Richard Flood

Kathy and David Hollo

Mary and Jimmy Howe

Timothy Imhoff and Rachel Dietz

Patti and Tom Jayne

Jerry Klein

Cheryl and Keith Kowalczyk

Karen Lane

Anne and Charles Mott

Loree and Rodney Rowe

Lauren and Fred Schwarz

Lisa and Eric Sheldon

Barbara and Kurt Van Dyk

Joan and John Vatterott

Kelly Westbrook