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Motorcycle Helmets   The Missouri all-rider motorcycle helmet law is still intact!  The Missouri Senate did not vote on HB576 which, if passed, would have repealed our strong motorcycle helmet law.  Our all-rider, universal motorcycle helmet law saves lives, reduces risk of brain injury, and saves taxpayer dollars.

House Bill (HB) 1309 will generate more than $1 million for brain injury services.
 Currently, individuals with brain injury are waiting more than 481 days for rehabilitation and support services through the Department of Health and Senior Services Adult Brain Injury Program.  This is more than a year for much needed rehabilitation and support services.

Please contact your State Representative via email and/or phone today.  Ask him or her to Support HB 1309 when it comes to the House Floor for a vote.

Your few minutes now will make a big difference:

  • Contact your State Representative now.  If you are not sure of your State Representative, you can visit the Missouri State website and use the Look Up Your Representative search option.
  • Message to Convey via phone call and email: Support HB 1309 when it comes to the House Floor for a vote.  This bill will provide much needed services for survivors of brain injury.  For email, use subject line: Support HB 1309. You can simply retype or cut-and-paste the bold message above into a new email and send it to your State Representative.

It is important to have the words Support HB 1309 when it comes to the House Floor for a vote early in your message.  This concise message will be appreciated with their busy schedule.

Additional information regarding HB 1309 you may want to include in your email or if the office staff has questions on the phone:  
HB 1309 Provides Rehabilitation and Support Services - Survivors of brain injury are currently waiting an average of 481 days for rehabilitation and support services.  This is way too long.  More than $1 million dollars will be generated which will reduce the wait time for these much needed services for survivors of brain injury.

HB 1309 Closes Loopholes – The $2 surcharge for the Brain Injury Fund would apply to criminal and traffic violations within municipalities.  Currently only State and County violations apply the $2 surcharge.

HB 1309 is Not a Tax Increase – This legislation simply closes the loopholes for law violations to apply to everyone regardless of State, County or municipality jurisdiction.  It is fair for everyone.

HB 1309 Sponsors and Co-Sponsors who should be contacted to thank for sponsoring this bill.  The message to convey is Thank you for being a Sponsor/Co-Sponsor for HB 1309.  Your efforts for passage of this bill when it comes to the House Floor for a vote would be greatly appreciated.

Chrissy Sommer    Sponsor

Sue Allen   Co-Sponsor

Tom Flanigan   Co-Sponsor

Chris Kelly   Co-Sponsor

Jim Neely   Co-Sponsor

Sue Meredith   Co-Sponsor

Chuck Gatschenberger  - The message to Rep. Gatschenberger is: Thank you for your continued commitment for survivors of brain injury.  Please support HB 1309 when it comes to the House Floor for a vote.  He sponsored a similar bill that the Brain Injury Association supports. 

Thank you in advance for contacting your State Representative about this important legislation that will have a positive impact for many years.  Individuals currently on the Adult Brain Injury Program waiting list and those to be added due to sustaining a brain injury, will be appreciative as rehabilitation and support services are greatly needed.

Please let me know any questions at or 314-426-4024.

Brain Injury Association of Missouri, Inc.

2265 Schuetz Road

Saint Louis, Missouri 63146

Toll Free 800-444-6443

Phone 314-426-4024

Fax 314-426-3290

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