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Disabilities Rights Legislative Day - Date Change
Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Due to unforeseen circumstances the date for Disability Rights Legislative Day has changed to Wednesday, March 14, 2018. The times remain the same. A revised flyer can be found here. The committee apologizes for any inconvenience this causes and we hope everyone is still able to attend. There are also parking changes due to construction on the south side of the Capitol. A map of parking options can be found here so you can prepare your transportation. A map of entrances can be found here. More information regarding the construction can be found at

Share information regarding brain injury services and the prevention of brain injuries with Missouri Legislators during the Disabilities Right Legislative Day on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City.

The agenda for the day can be found here. Talking Points will be provided upon your check-in at Disabilities Right Legislative Day. As a persons with brain injury, family member or brain injury service provider, sharing your personal story with elected officials will be vital for them to understand the impact of brain injury.

Please join Advocates for Disability Rights Legislative Day in Jefferson City on March 14, 2018. See attached flier for more details. Registration is not required, just show up at the Capitol Rotunda by 12:00 noon for the Rally.

Medicare Advocacy Report

Tell Congress to Permanently Repeal the Medicare Therapy Cap

Please contact your elected officials and tell them that now is the time to permanently repeal the Medicare therapy cap.

Congress needs to take action.

What can you do?

Talking Points

  • I am a constituent and an individual with a brain injury, caregiver, or a brain injury professional and I am concerned about the Medicare therapy caps.
  • The therapy cap impacts Medicare beneficiaries, like individuals with brain injury, who need rehabilitation services the most. Repealing the Medicare therapy cap would ensure high-quality, ongoing treatment and remove the uncertainty of care for both therapy providers and recipients.
  • Individuals who sustain brain injuries must have access to comprehensive rehabilitation with therapies of sufficient scope, duration, and intensity that allow them to regain lost skills and live as independently as possible.
  • Please support The Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Services Act (H.R. 807/S. 253)

If you're active on social media, please share your message with your networks. Please add BIA-MO to your social media networks. (Facebook @BIA.Missouri) (Twitter @BIA_Missouri)

Contact Senator Roy Blunt

Senator Roy Blunt Email Form

Cape Girardeau



Kansas City 
Fax: 816-471-7338


Phone: 417-877-7814
Fax: 417-823-9662

St. Louis 
Phone: 314-725-4484
Fax: 314-727-3548

Washington D.C. 
Phone: 202-224-5721

Contact Senator Claire McCaskill 
Senator Claire McCaskill Email Form

Cape Girardeau
Phone: 573-651-0964
Fax: 573-334-4278

Phone: 573-442-7130
Fax: 573-442-7140

Kansas City
Phone: 816-421-1639
Fax: 816-421-2562


Phone: 417-868-8745
Fax: 417-831-1349

Saint Louis

Phone: 314-367-1364
Fax: 314-361-8649

Washington D.C.

Phone: 202-224-6154
Fax: 202-228-6326

BIA-MO Advocacy Report 2017

Medicaid Services at Risk
Thousands of survivors of brain injury in Missouri need Medicaid for healthcare and community supports. These individuals often have long-term disabilities such as limited mobility, vision, hearing or balance impairments, mental health disorders and much more. The services needed are at risk of being eliminated or reduced due to budget cuts.

The current proposed Federal FY18 Budget includes block grants and per capita caps for Medicaid. Block grants and per capita cap funding are when the Federal government has a pre-determined amount for the State of Missouri to provide Medicaid services for individuals, including persons with brain injury.

Historically, the amount of money for block grants and per capita cap funding does not increase – EVER.  The amount received in year one is the same as in year 10, 20 and so on. The result is cuts in services for survivors of brain injury who need healthcare and community supports through Medicaid to live within the community. The alternative is individuals living in nursing homes at a higher cost to taxpayers.

Brain Injury Waiver
The Brain Injury Waiver was a promising option for survivors of brain injury to receive rehabilitation and transitional support services within their home. This hope is now gone, or at least delayed, with the veto of House Committee Bill (HCB) 3 in June 2017.

The $500,000 that was included in HCB3 through a legislative process of using surplus revenue from various Funds would have enabled the Brain Injury Waiver to move forward. Without this FY18 funding the Brain Injury Waiver application developed by the Department of Health and Senior Services, with input from stakeholders, including BIA-MO, survivors of brain injury and family members, had to be put on “hold” until funding is available.

Motorcycle Helmet Law 
Good news is that the all-rider motorcycle helmet law in Missouri is still in effect. During the last week of session in May 2017, amendments to repeal our motorcycle helmet law were added to unrelated bills. Missouri Senators and Representatives showed leadership and commitment to save lives by removing these amendments during bipartisan, House-Senate Conference Committee meetings.

During most of the Missouri legislative sessions, there are threats to our all-rider motorcycle helmet law. Our motorcycle helmet law is one of the strongest in the country and it saves lives, prevents brain injuries and saves taxpayer dollars. Learn more

Action Needed
What are the next Advocacy steps?

  • Sign-up for Advocacy Alerts from the Brain Injury Association of Missouri by sending an email to The Brain Injury Association of America has a Policy Corner e-newsletter that you may subscribe now
  • Contact your US Senator or Congressperson at 1-202-224-3121, or their local offices, with the following message:

OPPOSE Block Grants and Per Capita Caps for Medicaid in the Federal Budget. The result will be cuts in services for persons with brain injury and resulting disabilities.

  • Contact your Missouri State Senator and Representative at 1-573-751-2000 or their local office to share the following message:

SUPPORT funding for a Brain Injury Waiver during the 2018 Legislative Session. These services are desperately needed for survivors of brain injury to receive rehabilitation and transitional support services so they have better opportunities to return to work and live within the community.

OPPOSE any legislation that repeals or weakens the Missouri all-rider motorcycle helmet law. Your NO vote will save lives, prevent brain injuries and save our tax dollars.


Our voices need to be heard by elected officials at local, state and federal levels. Your sharing of personal and professional stories will educate your representatives about brain injury and issues important to survivors, families and the community.

It only takes 10 emails, phone calls or letters for an elected official to take notice of an issue and the requested position of constituents. Please be one of the 10 people to contact your elected official today.

Please let me know any questions at or 314-426-4024.

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